About Us

The North West Pride Awards was created by The Katy Holmes Trust which is a charity in Preston dedicated to funding paediatric brain tumour research in memory of beautiful 10 year old Katy Holmes.

Who was Katy Holmes?

Katy was beautiful 10 year old girl who is described as a ‘real life Sandra D’. She was diagnosed with a Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (terminal and inoperable brain tumour in the brain stem) in October 2011 and despite putting up the bravest and toughest battle she sadly lost her life after only 3 months in January 2012. In an attempt to find answers her parents, David and Paula Holmes liaised with Government, local authorities and leading cancer charities to find out why there had been no cure. They discovered that brain tumours are in fact the biggest cancer killer of children and adults under 40 in the UK. They also found that research into brain tumours is woefully under-funded. We do not know what causes them or how to cure them. The Katy Holmes was launched to help find the cure. You can read more about Katy’s story here: Katy Holmes Trust Website

Where did the North West Pride Awards come from?

As David and Paula and their fantastic team of volunteers worked as hard as possible to raise awareness and money for research the public got behind them and carried them through. People from everywhere fundraised for them and the Holmes family saw the most incredible display of human kindness and watched as communities everywhere pulled together. Quite often they came across other families who were in awful situations and trying desperately to influence change to help others. They saw very poorly or disadvantaged children and young people struggling to get through each day and individuals within the communities that were passionate enough to do whatever they possibly could to help. They witnessed adults and professionals desperate to find answers and working so hard to save lives or make changes. It was incredible to discover that there is so much inspiration surrounding us every day in all walks of life thanks to simple acts of kindness from amazing individuals and teams.

Katy’s younger sister Charley who was only 8 at the time was nominated to receive a WellChild Award for being the Most Caring Young Person 2012. It was presented in London and she got to meet many celebrities and their Patron Prince Harry. Charley had become very introvert and shy and wasn’t sure about attending or going up on stage. The event was so fantastic that Charley settled quickly and when her name was announced she literally ran up on stage! It was at that moment that David and Paula Holmes knew they needed to do soothing like that in the NW Region to recognise those amazing unsung heroes like the ones they had seen previously and again on that very special night. You can see photo’s here from the WellChild Awards 2012. You can also see Charley receiving her WellChild Award here: Granada Reports News Report

What will happen to the proceeds of the event?

All the proceeds from this event will go to the Katy Holmes Trust and go towards funding paediatric brain tumour research. You can read more here: Where does your money go? The event promises to be very special for everyone involved and aims to create smiles and magical memories for everyone. This is a way of saying thank you to everyone who works so hard to make a difference for others. As always the Katy Holmes Trust is being supported by businesses from across the North West who all want to recognise and celebrate these achievements too! After all, we are one big community. This is an event you really don’t want to miss!